Dictionary of spoken Spanish

Huccome you think Ah be spyin' on w'ite folks? You darkies know everything that goes on. Now, did you hear us say anything that might have made Miss Scarlett mad-- or hurt her feelings? Vosotros, los negros, sabéis todo lo que ocurre. Look ter me lak she sho glad ter see you an' sho had missed you, an' she cheep along happy as a bird, tell 'bout de time y'all got ter talkin' 'bout Mist' Ashley an' Miss Melly Hamilton gittin' mah'ied.

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He's a greedy man. He limps slightly on his right foot. She wore a dress with a train. I was standing in line for more than two hours. He has a good collection of modern paintings. Collective interests must be protected. He's just entered school.


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